Why HomeSchooling?

Ocelot has been to a few schools now. She went to Nursery, then transfered to a small private pre-prep school. This school was small and nurturing but failed to understand the asynchronocity of a child that could read chapter books by 2.5yrs and could do multiplication and division at 3. The school closed due to falling numbers so we moved her to the local village school. Here, they understood that she was bright so she was accelerated in Maths and Literacy from Reception class. She skipped Year 2 completely and started the Juniors a year early. As a 6 year old, she was stretched academically as she had some of her Maths and Literacy lessons in with the 11 year olds. She had a fantastic teacher that understood her and challenged her. By the age of 7, she had outgrown the primary curriculum so we started to look for a school that could stretch her sideways rather than taking her further and further ahead. We found the perfect school, small class sizes, a huge range of subjects, outdoor education, individual subject teachers…it looked good…and it was for the first 9 months. Ocelot was put back into her proper year group (Year 3), she caught up with the French, the Classics and the Science, she learnt to play Hockey and Netball and she learnt to be more independent. It was a challenge for her but she seemed to enjoy it.

Ocelot’s anxiety started to increase, she started regressing with how much she was talking, she wasn’t putting her hand up, she was getting easy work wrong, she was switching off, her behaviour at home became more challenging, she didn’t want to go to school, she stopped eating her lunch, she stopped using the bathroom. School said she was fine as she was working well, they saw her as a quiet girl. How can a child who has spoken once in 6 weeks in class be OK?

School stopped giving her the challenging work as she wasn’t showing them that she could do the easier levels, they ignored the recommendations from the Educational Psychologist, the US team who had analysed her IQ results and her ADHD Consultant. She was bored and switched off which in turn was causing¬†more anxiety, she was under-performing, her results were dropping and she was regressing. “She’s doing so well” said the¬†school.

It’s not been a hard decision to HomeSchool, but it has been one that has taken a lot of planning, taking and thinking. We are ready now and excited to begin.


Back to School

By 7:30am, Tiger was clutching his bookbag and waiting by the door for his first day back. Ocelot meanwhile was desperately trying to finish some Algebra on her DragonBox app. She was nearly ready for school as I had already dressed her, given her a meal replacement liquid breakfast, brushed her hair, made her lunch, packed her bag and administered her meds. All she had to do was put her shoes on. She was enticed into the car by the bribe of more Algebra.
Once at school, she refused to get out of the car, then refused to enter the playground, ignored her best friend, hit me, scratched me, whipped me with her coat, floored her brother and then refused to enter her form room.
It was a rough morning.

It has suddenly occurred to me that we’ve been having this behaviour every morning for the past few months, however, over half term, mornings were easy, relaxed and she so much happier.

About this blog

I have set up this blog as Ocelot and I enter into a new homeschooling adventure.

Ocelot is about to turn 9, she is currently at a very expensive prep school. School is not working out well for her.

We have 5 weeks left of this term and then life changes.

This blog will take us through the final 5 weeks at school, then into the Easter Holidays and then into home schooling.