Bed Schooling

Ocelot is ‘bed schooling’ herself. Every night, when she goes up to bed at 7pm, she takes my iPad and works on a few apps. She is trying to maintain a daily streak of Duolingo (French) so this is often her first app. By 8:30pm she has worked her way through at least 5 apps. Her favourites this week have included: Star Walk (astronomy), DragonBox (algebra), Scratch and Hopscotch (basic programming), Leo Latin, Pages (iPad version of Word) plus some geography apps about countries and flags. She is also testing out a few apps by a company called Clever Dragon to see if they are worth purchasing.

She isn’t getting as much reading done as she would normally do was ‘bed schooling’ has been her choice. However, she is continuing to read through the Eragon series of books in the car.


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