School Meeting

We had a meeting with the school recently. I had promised Ocelot that I would try once more to talk to her teachers about challenging work.

Basically, Ocelot has been assessed by the school as a level 6 in Writing, Reading and Math. She is working at a high level in Science, plus all the other subjects. What are they going to do about stretching her? Nothing. One teacher said they didn’t want her to learn any facts, another didn’t want her getting ahead of the class, another said they were challenging her but clearly aren’t, another said they weren’t going to teach above a level 4.

Level 6 is classed as the average for a 14 year old, or ‘exceptional’ if you are in Year 6. Ocelot is a Year 4 child who hasn’t been taught at this level by anyone and yet they are still holding her back.

Ocelot was disappointed when we told her that the school wasn’t going to do any more. It cemented our decision to pull her.


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