Ocelot has been ‘bed schooling’ herself every night for the last few weeks. She is trying to maintain her daily streak on Duolingo, plus she’s keen to keep up with her Latin. She is still using StarWalk to look at constellations, Hopscotch is another favourite along with Scratch programming and DragonBox.

School wise, she was excited to start Algebra but disappointed to be repeating sums she could do when she was 3.

This morning, she didn’t want to go to school and was disappointed when I told her she had to. We talked about the ‘third’ option of homeschooling and for the first time ever, she spoke about homeschooling in a positive way. I believe she has decided that a term’s trial would be something to do…and she asked for the summer term as she hates tennis! I told her, we’d have to speak to Daddy about this idea. I feel happier now knowing that the idea is truly planted in her head and that any rebelling to the concept is less than I imagined. It’s a big step for her and one that she doesn’t know much about yet. My prediction will be that after a term, she will be asking for a longer trial.


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