An Accidental Homeschooling Day

We had an accidental home schooling day.
It wasn’t planned, it just happened.
It went very well and it now really confirms that home schooling could work for us.

Ocelot woke just before 8am, which is when school starts. She never sleeps in so I thought she might be ill so didn’t wake her. Once awake, I gave her the choice; school or home school. She picked a PJ day!

After breakfast, she played with Tiger and made him a few items from The Lego Movie, then she asked what she could do all day so I asked if a list would be helpful. We made a list of activities she could do, but with no Minecraft until 3:30pm.

She started with Python programming, followed by Scratch programming, then back to Python. I then suggested she should do a bit of work so she did 3 pages in a Science workbook; it took 5 minutes. Tiger decided he wanted to do a workbook too so I found a pre-school one and he did 10 pages. She then decided to do a Powerpoint presentation on ‘Vulnerable/endangered Big Cats’. Then it was lunch time, followed by more Python. I then said she needed to do a bit more school work as she was skiving off school. I fired up Education City (we seem to have a never ending subscription) and she did a few Maths, English and Science exercises; they were far too easy but she didn’t mind. Tiger played on his EducationCity at the same time as he liked what he saw on Ocelot’s screen. After that, we planted their sunflower seeds and put them in a makeshift greenhouse. I then had a brief look at some GCSE Biology past papers, she answered the first 6 pages correctly despite not having been taught the content. Then she wanted to do more Python and Scratch, she did that until I said she needed some fresh air, so we planted some flowers in the garden. She then proceeded to dig a huge hole in the grass so had her Minecraft time put back to 4pm.

She then went back inside and opened up an art set she’d been given for her birthday and started painting various bits. At 4:30pm she realised she wasn’t on Minecraft so went on and met a friend on her server. They skyped for over an hour until dinner, then she went back on after eating and skyped her friend some more. At 7pm, it was bedtime so she did her music pieces, got into bed and is now ‘bed schooling’ with her Duolingo, her Latin and a periodic table app.

Ocelot says she had a great day but there were things that she didn’t have time to do that she wanted to do. She doesn’t want to go back to school tomorrow.

For me, it was a much better day than expected, Ocelot was calmer and happier. I don’t think she learnt anything, but her brain was active and engaged. I realise that right now, she needs structure with ideas on what to do. I have also learnt that I am probably underestimating where she is academically so need to think about how to incorporate some challenge for her.


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