The gifted bit

Ocelot’s IQ puts her in the ‘profoundly gifted’ category. She has always had a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn new things. We knew she was bright when she started naming letters at 12 months of age, a few months later she had moved onto reading words and by 2.5yrs she was reading basic chapter books like the ‘Rainbow Magic Fairy’ series. She loved to type short stories from 24 months of age and then by 7 years old, she had written and published her first 8000 word novel, a year later a 12,000 word sequel was written. Her maths followed a similar pattern;  basic addition at nearly 2, then multiplication and basic algebra at 3 years old. The maths has plateau’d a lot recently mainly due to lack of differentiation within her class.

Ocelot is a rare breed, her IQ is a huge number that I struggle to comprehend; there are some days though where I do wonder if she’s been overscored by 100 points as she is as absent minded or as daft as they come!


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