The telling…

Tonight, DH told Ocelot about the plan to home school her. I wanted him to do it as I didn’t want her to think it was just my idea. I took Tiger up to bed and DH sat down and talked through trailing home schooling with her. I then came down 15 minutes later to discuss various points.

She took it very well but had two concerns; the first was that she’d be missing her class residential trip and the other was her brother.
I produced the information for a Gifted Kids outdoor adventure weekend and promised her a camping trip to the beach…that pleased her. The other issue was Tiger as she didn’t like the idea he’d be here on Fridays (he doesn’t have pre-school that day), but we explained that if she liked home schooling, then in September, he’d be at school full time. I then explained that we can do trips out on Fridays and that Tiger would be fine to come along.

She then asked about Minecraft and I said it would still be there, but as she has now, only from the end of ‘school’ time. She then worked out that she’d gain a few extra hours a week. She then wanted to design a timetable and I said we could do that together. We talked about school work in the morning, with more unstructured time in the afternoon which she looked very happy about. I said ‘no homework’ and she was very pleased with that. A small concern was holiday time, so I said we’d have to stick with Tiger’s school holidays and she could have a week or two off with him.

Ocelot wanted to name the school so I said she could think about one, then she asked about rewards/merits. I said that was entirely up to her and if that is what she wanted, then we could do that. She wants to go shopping for folders and new pens so we’ll do that when Tiger starts back after Easter.

So, it went very well and Ocelot seems very much on board.


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