Minecraft Homeschool

Ocelot is a huge Minecraft fan. She runs her own server for her friends, reads anything and everything about Minecraft, skype-crafts her friends and has been known to play on 3 different devices at once!

A friend suggested ‘Minecraft Homeschool’ back in January. We signed up to ‘7 wonders of the ancient world’ which was a 6 week course based in the seven ancient wonders. Each child has to watch documentaries, watch powerpoints, take a quiz based on the topic and then go and do the weekly build. They interact with other children on the server and they have a teacher who pops in to check that everything is running smoothly.

After the first course Ocelot signed up for The Mayans, unfortunately, due to school, she didn’t get to do much of this. She’s now on a 6 week ‘Word Crafting’ course which is Literacy based.

There is a small cost to this but it’s £6 for the 6 weeks. Brilliant fun with some learning.


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