Our first week

And so it begins…

After dropping Tiger at school, we came home, fired up the laptop and started. Ocelot was keen. In 2.5 hours, she did some maths work in Education City (we are using up a subscription), then she wrote a geocaching log for Literacy, followed by a story plan for a writing competition. She then had a break before doing some Science workbook which was then followed by some Latin and French. We then picked up Tiger from pre-school and took him to gymnastics. After that she played outside, then did her Minecraft Homeschool prep, made some Rainbow Loom bracelets, watched some YouTube videos on biomes and tornadoes before being allowed on Minecraft. In bed, she did her Duolingo, Dragonbox and various apps before reading her book.

We started the day by taking Tiger to pre-school, we then headed over to meet a friend for some geocaching. We did some of her science book whilst we waited for my friend to arrive. We then cycled along the Thames path finding caches, looking at birds and wildlife, trying out an echoing bridge before arriving back at the car. Once home, we did some online maths, wrote more for her literacy competition, did some music practice and then went to the local Paint your Own Pottery shop where she painted a cat. She ran a lap of the field and completed all the obstacles placed round it before we picked up Tiger. Once home, it was Minecraft time until Daddy got home; they then did 45 mins of Python. In bed, Ocelot did her Duolingo French app and then some reading.

We were late starting this morning due to traffic, but as soon as we got home, Ocelot got straight into her maths which she then followed with Literacy. She then wrote a geocaching log from yesterday’s finds. After some online Science, she went back to the Literacy and made some cartoon strips. We then did half an hour of map reading for a geography text book, we looked at local maps and one from Snowdonia and she learnt how to read 6 figure grid references. It was then time to pick up Tiger. After lunch, she and Tiger built a marble run, then made more cartoon strips together. After a spot of Minecraft it was time for their swimming lessons. Ocelot swam well and Tiger…he wasn’t too happy. Once Daddy got home, they continued with their Python project.

Today was our first venture into home schooling classes. We started the morning by finishing off a story writing competiton entry; it had to be posted today. We then headed over for a ‘Hands on Science’ lesson. Ocelot has been very excited by this and has talked about the class since, but during the lesson I sat next to her and watched her anxiety levels rise, she couldn’t speak and she couldn’t answer the questions that she knew the answers to. She is keen to go back, but I think it was too much for her so close after leaving school. We spent the afternoon doing some Maths and then playing on the Warrior Cat website. After a very successful viola lesson we came home where she played Minecraft before heading to bed to do her Duolingo and reading

We spent the first few hours of the morning finishing up some EducationCity before heading to a Home Education Outdoor day. Ocelot was very nervous to begin with, but she had fun playing in the woods and making wooden swords, after lunch, she made a friend and was reluctant to go home! Tiger made friends within 30 seconds and was gone for most of the day! It was good for Ocelot to meet other home schooled kids, she had a great day and wants to return.
In the evening, we went to the theatre to watch The Science Show. It was excellent and she and her friend chatted excitedly about it all the way home.

Camping, triathlons and a visit to a working farm where they had a hand on letting section.


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