Half Term

We started half term with a very wet, rainy parkrun. This was then followed by Ocelot’s first music exam; she was exceptionally nervous but seemed to hold it together. A birthday party with an old school friend finished the weekend. We had a quiet day on Monday, Ocelot filled it with a 4 hour online play date via Skype…that was noisy with up to 4 children participating!
An Animal ranger day was a huge success, she mucked out, fed the animals, groomed them, held them, herded them…she is keen to return!
We attended a Home Ed kids club which both Ocelot and Tiger enjoyed; they both want to go back next week. We then had an old school friend over for a sleepover; the girls had a lot of fun eating out and then playing Minecraft. I got to hear the gossip from the playground…mainly connected to me and how no one could understand why I had decided to home school. I’m secure enough to know we haven’t made a huge mistake. It’s been a week for negative comments about our choices from both the school parents and the home school community.
After Ocelot’s sleepover, we had a day pottering at home. We set up her Minecraft Summer School account, played lots in the garden and then she skyped with a friend.
We met with friends from my Gifted board on the Friday, we had a great day out in London catching up. The children all played for hours, we walked up to the meridian line! are dinner in front of the Cutty Sark and then waked through Canary Wharf. Canary Wharf was a fab experience as the buildings are so impressive; it was a good introduction to sky-scrapers!

20140531-084748 pm-74868585.jpg

Ocelot spent Saturday at Bowood with friends from her old school, whilst Tiger got a good lot of one to one time with us.


The first half term summary

It’s now half term; it’s been a very busy first half term of homeschooling.
Ocelot has taken to homeschooling like a duck to water; she is keen and excited to work, is enjoying her learning, is following her interests and is relaxing.
She says she can’t see herself ever going back to school…and to be honest, I can’t see that happening right now.
We spent the first half term revising Maths and Science and now we are ready to move on.
She has been very reluctant to write any fiction so we’ve concentrated on vocabulary, comprehension and writing for a purpose; club newsletter, emails, poetry competitions etc.
Overall, I am very happy with how this half term has been, we have covered a lot of work, been to a lot of enrichment activities and been more social than I imagined.

Week beginning 19th May

The weekend was fairly quiet; Ocelot and I ran in the local Parkrun. She ran a new PB of just over 26 mins for the 5km. We then made good use of the weather and stayed in the garden. On Sunday, we went to town for haircuts, BBQ food and books. We had a Switch Off Sunday where all electronics including phones, TVs, DVDs etc are banned. The day ended with Viola practice, a BBQ, lots of pretend play and a bath!

Maths- Year 7 on EdCity…we are coming to the end of our subscription now, we will begin a new maths program as soon as this one runs out. DragonBox.
Literacy- Year 7 EdCity, Readtheory comprehension exercise (70% score), lots of reading
Science- Read through her revision book then asked to do EdCity. Checked chicks. Elements app.
Latin- one chapter of Minimus. Latin Pairs app.
Music- Scale pratice
French- Duolingo
Art- Hama beads- made some carbon atoms, lots of pretend play
Social- playdate with her home school friend

Maths- year 7 EdCity
Literacy- comprehension (60%), Reading (fiction and non-fiction)
French- Skoldo, EdCity, Duolingo
Science- Element app, Uni Zoology Museum tour, chick check!
Geography- Galore Park, chpt 5, continents, deserts, rivers and seas
PE- 30 min bike ride, obstacle run on field
Social- Zoology Museum
Art- Hama beads
Minecraft played in Latin!

Maths- Year 7 completed, Squeebles app.
Literacy- ReadTheory comprehension 100%,
Logic- verbal reasoning book (age 12+)
Science- life cycles, food chains and habitats revised, Elements app
French- EdCity, Duolingo
PE- 2 hours at play park, swimming lesson
Music- Viola pieces and scales

It’s Election day so Tiger’s pre-school was closed.
Maths- we did a SAT assessment paper. Ocelot dropped a few marks but ended up with a good level and a base from which to go from after half term.
Literacy- Readtheory comprehension…unfortunately, the website crashed just as she hit submit so we don’t know her score. Reading
French- EdCity, Duolingo
Science- Hands-on Mad Science workshop looking at tornadoes, centrifugal forces, vortexes and sound waves. Element app. Read a Horrible Science book on Stars/Planets.
Music- Viola lesson
Lots of pretend play.
Social- viola lesson, 2 hour science workshop.

A whole day of Art! lots of pottery, drawing and sewing with an artist aka my mum!
PE- Hour at the playpark
Science- Finished Horrible Science book
Music- viola scales and pieces

End of week 3 summary

This week Ocelot has worked really hard. We are finished with school work by 12pm which she really likes. We’ve been to a Latin class which she enjoyed, 3 different play parks, a swimming lesson, a hands on Science centre, met with friends, had lunch with Granny, had a viola lesson, watched a vet TV show, been to the library, watched the chicks hatch, raced a triathlon and been training.

Ocelot has just started to enjoy her reading again. She’s had a break for the past 6 months, but a few recent trips to the library and some trashy chapter books have sparked her interest again. She’s also now doing less ‘bed schooling’ because I guess she is learning in the day.

She is very reluctant to write anything fiction and struggles with non-fiction. She is a very talented writer but something is putting her off right now. We will leave the writing for a while and just concentrate on grammar, vocab and comprehension. I was quite surprised at her scoring 9th grade (age15) for a placement test, but she managed 90% on her first exercise.

She hasn’t been that keen to meet new people yet, preferring to stay with me or at home. She is adamant she never wants to return to school as well.
Behaviour wise she is much calmer, meltdowns are minimal, but she has taken a real dislike to sharing me with anyone.

Week beginning 12th May

Maths- Ocelot has now moved up to Year 6 maths revision, she easily completed her maths work.
Literacy- She planned a poem for a competition, she researched her animal and made notes.
Science- EdCity Science, this was her preference.
Latin- an hour of Minimus!
It was then time to collect Tiger. Whilst he had gymnastics, Ocelot did a Latin app.
ICT- Scratch programming, explored a new Minecraft mod, Python with Daddy
Music- Viola pieces
Bed School- French- Duolingo, Latin, Starwalk, Reading

Maths- year 6
Literacy- year 6, reading, Mimecraft Homeschool epitaph writing
French- Ed City, Duolimgo in bed
Science- KS2 Revision book,
Latin- revision of first 3 chapters of Minimus
ICT- Scratch, Minecraft homeschool
Music- Viola scales
Other- checked chicken eggs at Tiger’s school

Maths- year 6
Literacy- year 6, reading, library trip
Science- revision book, visited chicks, SuperVet TV show
French- Ed City, Duolingo
Latin- revision of first 3 chapters, Ocelot then read ahead for another few chapters
ICT- Scratch, Minecraft
PE- playground, swimming lesson
Art- Hama beads, drawing of Daddy
Social- playground, swimming, chick visiting

Maths- finishing off year 6
Literacy- EdCity, subscribed to readtheory.org and took the placement test which placed her in 9th grade…she would be a 3rd grader. Lots of reading. Watched 30 mins of Eragon
Science- EdCity, checked the chicks
ICT- Python, Minecraft plus Mod updates
French- EdCity
Latin- one hour lesson at local university.
PE- an hour at the play park
Music- 30 minute viola lesson
Social- Latin class, chicks, viola lesson

Maths- Year 6 completed on EdCity
Literacy- Year 6 completed, 9th grade comprehension (score 90%), reading, Eragon watching
Science- Year 5 completed
French- year 4 completed
PE- huge play park
Trip- play park and hands on science centre
Social- play park with granny
Play- all electronics switched off from 10am for 24 hours! Lots of garden and pretend play.

Week beginning 5th May

A morning of camping. Tiger played in the play park whilst Ocelot made a book about her favourite element (!) Carbon! She read all the way home in the car. Once home, she used her Hama beads to make neons, bromines and iodine replicas! As she is reading The Hobbit, we decided to watch the first movie which she seemed to enjoy.

Maths- EducationCity. In bed, she played Zoom app.
Literacy- She started writing her triathlon club’s newsletter. She emailed off interview questions for her coach, wrote race reports, added tables.
ICT- MS Publisher, email
French- 2 pages of Skoldo, Duolingo
Science- 2 pages of Science revision book
Logic- completed a 300pc jigsaw puzzle online
Music- Viola practice

We only had the morning before heading off to pick up Tiger.
Maths- Ed City, Zoom app in bed
Literacy- finished off the newsletter
Science- 4 pages of revision book
French- Ed City and Duolingo
PE- 2 hours at new play park, swimming lesson
Music- viola practice
ICT- email and MS Publisher

Maths- Year 5 revision completed on EducationCity!
Literacy/Logic- verbal reasoning, comic strip making
Geography- map work (6 figure grid refs, ratios, scales, symbols). Made a map of upstairs of house.
French- EdCity, Duolingo
Music- viola lesson
Hobbit and Eragon DVDs

I was away so both Ocelot and Tiger spent the day with Daddy. He took them to the new play park and then down to a hands-on Science Centre. I think they all had a good time.

The weekend was busy, Ocelot had a playdate with an old school friend, followed by a birthday party of a classmate. On Sunday, she raced in a triathlon and then went to triathlon training in the afternoon.