Week beginning 5th May

A morning of camping. Tiger played in the play park whilst Ocelot made a book about her favourite element (!) Carbon! She read all the way home in the car. Once home, she used her Hama beads to make neons, bromines and iodine replicas! As she is reading The Hobbit, we decided to watch the first movie which she seemed to enjoy.

Maths- EducationCity. In bed, she played Zoom app.
Literacy- She started writing her triathlon club’s newsletter. She emailed off interview questions for her coach, wrote race reports, added tables.
ICT- MS Publisher, email
French- 2 pages of Skoldo, Duolingo
Science- 2 pages of Science revision book
Logic- completed a 300pc jigsaw puzzle online
Music- Viola practice

We only had the morning before heading off to pick up Tiger.
Maths- Ed City, Zoom app in bed
Literacy- finished off the newsletter
Science- 4 pages of revision book
French- Ed City and Duolingo
PE- 2 hours at new play park, swimming lesson
Music- viola practice
ICT- email and MS Publisher

Maths- Year 5 revision completed on EducationCity!
Literacy/Logic- verbal reasoning, comic strip making
Geography- map work (6 figure grid refs, ratios, scales, symbols). Made a map of upstairs of house.
French- EdCity, Duolingo
Music- viola lesson
Hobbit and Eragon DVDs

I was away so both Ocelot and Tiger spent the day with Daddy. He took them to the new play park and then down to a hands-on Science Centre. I think they all had a good time.

The weekend was busy, Ocelot had a playdate with an old school friend, followed by a birthday party of a classmate. On Sunday, she raced in a triathlon and then went to triathlon training in the afternoon.


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