Week beginning 12th May

Maths- Ocelot has now moved up to Year 6 maths revision, she easily completed her maths work.
Literacy- She planned a poem for a competition, she researched her animal and made notes.
Science- EdCity Science, this was her preference.
Latin- an hour of Minimus!
It was then time to collect Tiger. Whilst he had gymnastics, Ocelot did a Latin app.
ICT- Scratch programming, explored a new Minecraft mod, Python with Daddy
Music- Viola pieces
Bed School- French- Duolingo, Latin, Starwalk, Reading

Maths- year 6
Literacy- year 6, reading, Mimecraft Homeschool epitaph writing
French- Ed City, Duolimgo in bed
Science- KS2 Revision book,
Latin- revision of first 3 chapters of Minimus
ICT- Scratch, Minecraft homeschool
Music- Viola scales
Other- checked chicken eggs at Tiger’s school

Maths- year 6
Literacy- year 6, reading, library trip
Science- revision book, visited chicks, SuperVet TV show
French- Ed City, Duolingo
Latin- revision of first 3 chapters, Ocelot then read ahead for another few chapters
ICT- Scratch, Minecraft
PE- playground, swimming lesson
Art- Hama beads, drawing of Daddy
Social- playground, swimming, chick visiting

Maths- finishing off year 6
Literacy- EdCity, subscribed to readtheory.org and took the placement test which placed her in 9th grade…she would be a 3rd grader. Lots of reading. Watched 30 mins of Eragon
Science- EdCity, checked the chicks
ICT- Python, Minecraft plus Mod updates
French- EdCity
Latin- one hour lesson at local university.
PE- an hour at the play park
Music- 30 minute viola lesson
Social- Latin class, chicks, viola lesson

Maths- Year 6 completed on EdCity
Literacy- Year 6 completed, 9th grade comprehension (score 90%), reading, Eragon watching
Science- Year 5 completed
French- year 4 completed
PE- huge play park
Trip- play park and hands on science centre
Social- play park with granny
Play- all electronics switched off from 10am for 24 hours! Lots of garden and pretend play.


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