End of week 3 summary

This week Ocelot has worked really hard. We are finished with school work by 12pm which she really likes. We’ve been to a Latin class which she enjoyed, 3 different play parks, a swimming lesson, a hands on Science centre, met with friends, had lunch with Granny, had a viola lesson, watched a vet TV show, been to the library, watched the chicks hatch, raced a triathlon and been training.

Ocelot has just started to enjoy her reading again. She’s had a break for the past 6 months, but a few recent trips to the library and some trashy chapter books have sparked her interest again. She’s also now doing less ‘bed schooling’ because I guess she is learning in the day.

She is very reluctant to write anything fiction and struggles with non-fiction. She is a very talented writer but something is putting her off right now. We will leave the writing for a while and just concentrate on grammar, vocab and comprehension. I was quite surprised at her scoring 9th grade (age15) for a placement test, but she managed 90% on her first exercise.

She hasn’t been that keen to meet new people yet, preferring to stay with me or at home. She is adamant she never wants to return to school as well.
Behaviour wise she is much calmer, meltdowns are minimal, but she has taken a real dislike to sharing me with anyone.


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