Week beginning 19th May

The weekend was fairly quiet; Ocelot and I ran in the local Parkrun. She ran a new PB of just over 26 mins for the 5km. We then made good use of the weather and stayed in the garden. On Sunday, we went to town for haircuts, BBQ food and books. We had a Switch Off Sunday where all electronics including phones, TVs, DVDs etc are banned. The day ended with Viola practice, a BBQ, lots of pretend play and a bath!

Maths- Year 7 on EdCity…we are coming to the end of our subscription now, we will begin a new maths program as soon as this one runs out. DragonBox.
Literacy- Year 7 EdCity, Readtheory comprehension exercise (70% score), lots of reading
Science- Read through her revision book then asked to do EdCity. Checked chicks. Elements app.
Latin- one chapter of Minimus. Latin Pairs app.
Music- Scale pratice
French- Duolingo
Art- Hama beads- made some carbon atoms, lots of pretend play
Social- playdate with her home school friend

Maths- year 7 EdCity
Literacy- comprehension (60%), Reading (fiction and non-fiction)
French- Skoldo, EdCity, Duolingo
Science- Element app, Uni Zoology Museum tour, chick check!
Geography- Galore Park, chpt 5, continents, deserts, rivers and seas
PE- 30 min bike ride, obstacle run on field
Social- Zoology Museum
Art- Hama beads
Minecraft played in Latin!

Maths- Year 7 completed, Squeebles app.
Literacy- ReadTheory comprehension 100%,
Logic- verbal reasoning book (age 12+)
Science- life cycles, food chains and habitats revised, Elements app
French- EdCity, Duolingo
PE- 2 hours at play park, swimming lesson
Music- Viola pieces and scales

It’s Election day so Tiger’s pre-school was closed.
Maths- we did a SAT assessment paper. Ocelot dropped a few marks but ended up with a good level and a base from which to go from after half term.
Literacy- Readtheory comprehension…unfortunately, the website crashed just as she hit submit so we don’t know her score. Reading
French- EdCity, Duolingo
Science- Hands-on Mad Science workshop looking at tornadoes, centrifugal forces, vortexes and sound waves. Element app. Read a Horrible Science book on Stars/Planets.
Music- Viola lesson
Lots of pretend play.
Social- viola lesson, 2 hour science workshop.

A whole day of Art! lots of pottery, drawing and sewing with an artist aka my mum!
PE- Hour at the playpark
Science- Finished Horrible Science book
Music- viola scales and pieces


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