Half Term

We started half term with a very wet, rainy parkrun. This was then followed by Ocelot’s first music exam; she was exceptionally nervous but seemed to hold it together. A birthday party with an old school friend finished the weekend. We had a quiet day on Monday, Ocelot filled it with a 4 hour online play date via Skype…that was noisy with up to 4 children participating!
An Animal ranger day was a huge success, she mucked out, fed the animals, groomed them, held them, herded them…she is keen to return!
We attended a Home Ed kids club which both Ocelot and Tiger enjoyed; they both want to go back next week. We then had an old school friend over for a sleepover; the girls had a lot of fun eating out and then playing Minecraft. I got to hear the gossip from the playground…mainly connected to me and how no one could understand why I had decided to home school. I’m secure enough to know we haven’t made a huge mistake. It’s been a week for negative comments about our choices from both the school parents and the home school community.
After Ocelot’s sleepover, we had a day pottering at home. We set up her Minecraft Summer School account, played lots in the garden and then she skyped with a friend.
We met with friends from my Gifted board on the Friday, we had a great day out in London catching up. The children all played for hours, we walked up to the meridian line! are dinner in front of the Cutty Sark and then waked through Canary Wharf. Canary Wharf was a fab experience as the buildings are so impressive; it was a good introduction to sky-scrapers!

20140531-084748 pm-74868585.jpg

Ocelot spent Saturday at Bowood with friends from her old school, whilst Tiger got a good lot of one to one time with us.


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