Plans for the Summer Term

We have 6 weeks of ‘school’ and then it’s the summer holidays!
Maths- we will start ConquerMaths for KS3. Whilst she will find this relatively easy, I want to ensure that she really understands the concepts. We will also spend a morning looking at more problem solving type questions or maths that she wouldn’t get on a curriculum.
Literacy- We will continue with 9th grade reading comprehension on We’ll also begin working through a KS3 Literacy curriculum. The club’s newsletter and other ‘writing for a purpose’ activities will continue.
Science- We begin KS3 Science, we’ll begin with the Biology section and work through. We’ll back up with BBC Bitesize.
French- Ocelot will continue with Skoldo and EdCity French, plus the Duolingo app.
Latin- Minimus will continue as well as her Latin apps.
Geography- KS3 Galore Park.
History- Minecraft Homeschool summer school
ICT- Scratch and Python programming, Word, Publisher, Excel
Logic- Bond Books
PE- Swimming, cycling, running, Parkrun, play parks
Music- Viola lessons and practice
Art/Design- pottery, sewing, beads, decopatch,


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