Week beginning 2nd June

It was back to school for Tiger and back to work for Ocelot; both had had a week off for half term.
Today, we were hoping to start our new Maths Curriculum, but the login details had not been sent through in time. This morning, I signed Ocelot up for the free two week trial so she could have a try.
Maths- Bisecting straight lines with a compass, Algebra letter substitutions, percentage bar charts…all 100%. New Geometry app from Dragonbox
Literacy- Wrote the race report for Parkrun, reading
Science- Started Solids, Liquids and Gases topic. Read Elements book
Latin- revised previous work, worked through previous chapter
French- 10 mins of EdCity French, Duolingo
History- Minecraft Homeschool; Grand Canyon settlers
ICT- Word processing, email, Minecraft

Maths- Conquermaths (CM)- circles, angles and place value, Murderous maths book, DragonBox geometry
Science- continuing with solids, liquids and gases, distillation, evaporation, chromatography, BBC bite size revision, Horrible Science book, researched bruises,
English- Metaphors, similes, types of writing
PE- swimming lesson, 30 mins bike ride, swing ball
Geology- rocks
Music- viola practice
French- Duolingo
Social- Minecraft over skype, swimming

Maths- CM- bisecting angles, algebra, bar graphs
Literacy- readtheory (87%), emails to club coach and questionnaire written and sent to ‘kid of the week’, park run race report checked and emailed,
Library, Basher Grammar book
Science- compounds and mixtures in book and BBC bitesize videos and quiz, chromatography experiments.
PE- swimming lesson, swing ball for an hour
Lots and lots of pretend play

20140604-101407 pm-80047001.jpg

Maths- CMx3 circles, angles and polygons, algebra, place value. DragonBox Geometry app.
Literacy- replied to emails, readtheory exercise, revised verbs, another library visit
Science- chemical reactions (text book and questions), reinforced with Bitesize
Geography- started Rocks and minerals lap book. Minecraft Homeschool geology quiz.
PE- 30 mins bike ride, swingball and playpark
French- Duolingo

Maths- CMx3, (constructing angles, place value, line graphs)
Literacy- Readtheory (100%)
Science- Bite size- Acids, bases and metals videos and quiz
Nature- Wood whittling, bird of prey display, bow and arrow making
PE/Outdoors/social- Whole day at Home Ed Outdoor Centre


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