Week beginning 9th June

Our weekend was quiet, some triathlon training, a Japanese lunch, an online play date with several other PG kids and some BGT final watching!

Maths- CM x3, DragonBox
Literacy- Triathlon newsletter
Science- acids and alkalis plus workbook, elements app, science books
French- one page of Skoldo, duolingo
Geography- MCHS Great Barrier Reef, fish identification! documentaries
PE- swingball,

20140610-111111 pm-83471297.jpg

Maths- CMx3, murderous maths books, dragonbox app
Literacy- newsletter
Science- read acids and alkalis in GCSE Chemistry book, then read about periodic table. Spent an hour using her electronic microscope.
French- 2 pages of Skoldo, duolingo
Nature/geography- geocaching walk, mouse watching…Awwww!
PE- 30 mins bike, 4 mile geocaching walk, swingball
Social- geocaching with my friend, grandparents visit

Maths- CMx3, Dragonbox Algebra and Geometry
Literacy- Finished the newsletter, saved as a PDF, emailed to daddy
PE- play park, swimming lesson
Music- viola practice
French- Duolingo
Lots of pretend play indoors and outdoors

Maths- CMx3
Literacy- Readtheory comprehension, reading
Science- hands on science class, Starwalk, Solarwalk, Horrible Science books
Latin- one hour of Latin class
Music- viola lesson
French- duolingo
ICT- Horscotch
PE- 30 mins cycling, swingball
Social- classes and viola lesson


After some Maths lessons and a reading comprehension, we headed to Oxford for a ‘Rocks and Minerals’ workshop. Ocelot has been looking forward to this for weeks. The highlight today was holding Obsidian and Lapis Lazuli…both found in Minecraft! I bought her a snowflake obsidian bracelet and a lapis bracelet as a well done for passing her Viola exam. After a wander through a very crowded, hot Oxford, we got the bus back to the Park and Ride and drove home. In bed, she read her Horrible Science books, did Duolingo, Solar Walk and Hopscotch.


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