Week beginning 16th June

We went to the local zoo on Saturday and had a great few hours there, but last week took it’s toll and we came home and slobbed! The kids wanted a PJ day on Sunday so after cleaning their rooms, they stayed in PJs playing until it was time for triathlon training.

Maths- CM x3 (stem/leaf charts, polygon drawing, calculator work), Dragonbox geometry, Zoom
Science- Rock Cycle on BBC bitesize
French- 2 exercises from EdCity (when will this subscription end)! Duolingo
Literacy/ICT- Ocelot is writing her first website, today she did the ‘about me’ page and then added some link
Geography- MCHS Volcan de Paricutin videos and build

The car was having a few hours work done on it, so we waiting, drinking free coffee, eating biscuits and doing school work. Ocelot achieved a lot!
Maths- CM x3 lessons
Science- Rock Cycle
French- Skoldo page
Latin- 2 chapters covered, Latin Pairs app
Once home, she played around on her new website picking a new theme and adding a page. She finished a fiction book in the car.
Music- viola practice
No PE today as she was exceptionally tired.
In bed she did her Duolingo, some more Latin, a programming app and a chemistry app, then read her Murderous Maths books.

Maths- CMx3, Dragonbox Geometry
Science/Geography- Rock Cycle, Lapbook
Literacy- more website writing
French- Duolingo
PE- Playpark, swimming lesson
Science- pH testing plus volcano building
Lots of Lego building

A busy day!
Maths- CMx3, Dragonbox Agebra, Murderous maths book
French- 2 exercises
Science/Geography- Lapbook continued
Literacy/ICT- more website added to, started a story
Latin- hour class at Uni
Music- half hour viola lesson
PE- lots of outdoor play
Social- lunch picnic with her friend, Latin class, viola lesson, half hour Skype with a friend

Today, we had a scheduled visit from the Local Education Authority. It went very very well and the lady was delighted with what we are doing. She doesn’t see how Ocelot could academically return to school with this current rate of learning. It was quite a draining meeting even though it went well, we were both very nervous before hand; Ocelot thought she was going to be made to go back to school, but is now reassured she doesn’t have to. Once the lady had gone, we just collapsed and vegged for a bit before heading off to see a friend.
Maths- CMx3
Science- Minerals
French- Duolinog
Social- Minecraft playdate for 2 hours, 2 hours skyping with friends once home.


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