Week beginning 14/7/14

Maths- CMx3
Literacy- 3xreadtheory, checked and replied to email, wrote geocaching logs
Science- one page of new scheme of work
French- duolingo, one EdCity
ICT- Python
PE- 12km at cycle track
Lots of pretend play.

maths- CMx3
Literacy- readtheory
Science- one EdCity lesson
French- one EdCity lesson
SCience- I love Science photos for an hour

Maths- CMx3 videos only
Literacy- triathlon newsletter
Science- finished microscope work
nature- home Ed meet with a nature class
Social- home ed meet for 3 hours, Skype with friend


Week beginning 7th July

Literacy- lots of LiteracyPlanet, reading in bed/car
Maths- 3xCM- areas of circles, Pythagoras and prime/composite numbers
Science- Classifications
French- 3 exercises on EdCity
Architecture- MCHS and tallest buildings

Ocelot also took part in an ADHD study, today was the first day and she had a cognitive test (Ravens Matrices) to complete. She wasn’t medicated but still scored 99+ percentile. Tomorrow, we have the second part of the study to complete.

Today was a bit bitty. We started with the ADHD juice being delivered, and administered, then we did three lessons of ConquerMaths, followed by some Science and some LiteracyPlanet. We then headed to the Uni for a ocelot to take part in the final part of the study. I’m not sure what happened but she was gone 45 mins.
I then took her to McDs for lunch as they have ‘How to train your dragon’ toys in happy meals! We then spent an hour using McDs wifi to read up on different dragons.
At home, we did viola practice, some more LiteracyPlanet before taking her to a 3 hour play date.
Ocelot bed schooled herself with Duolingo and some maths apps.

Maths- 3x CM…areas of sectors, simplifying fractions, square roots (without calculators), DragonBox Elements app
Literacy- readtheory comprehension. LiteracyPlanet grammar and spelling, reading.
Science- 3 exercises on EdCity
French- Duolingo
Music- Viola practice
PE- swimming lesson, 2 mile scoot
Play- lots of garden play…dragons mainly!
Research- started a scrap book about Toothless.

Maths- CMx2, Penrose maths, Geometry app
Literacy- reading comprehension
Science- 3 exercises on EdCity
Music- viola lesson
French- Duolingo
PE- Geocaching walk…met a slow-worm, discovered the maharaja’s well, found a pudding stone earth cache.
Social- geocaching with my friend, viola lesson

Maths- CMx3
Literacy- readtheory comprehension level 9
French- EdCity
Social/PE- trip to forest with big playground, met grandparents there
Media (!) a trip to the cinema to see Dragon 2

PGL weekend

Ocelot and I headed off to PGL for an adventure weekend with Potential Plus (NAGC). We had a brilliant weekend canoeing, climbing, zip wiring, doing archery, tree top trails and quad biking. We made some new friends, ate lots and had lots of fun. On Saturday night, Ocelot stayed up until 10pm playing Settlers of Catan with some of the other kids, she had a great time and is keen to return next year.

Week beginning 1st July

Travelled back through Holland, Belgium and France.
Ocelot played a lot on LiteracyPlanet.

Maths- CMx3 (algebra, frequency table, negative numbers)
Literacy- Literacy Planet, extra in bed, reading in car
Science- Interdependence, finished rocks and minerals Lapbook,
Latin- chapter 7 of Minimus
Minecraft Homeschool- architecture
Social- skype with 2 friends
Music- viola practice
PE- swimming lesson

20140701-024312 pm-52992937.jpg

Maths- 3 x CM
Literacy- Spelling and grammar on LiteracyPlanet
Science- Interdepence, food webs, made a concoction from her chemistry book
Life- went to the supermarket with £5 to buy her ingredients for her concoction, paid for it herself, managed!
Art- 3D art using the concoction mixture
PE- Swimming lesson, park for an hour
Music- viola practice
Social- swimming lesson, answered the phone (a first)

Maths- 3x CM
Science- Classification and diagrams, started periodic table lapbook
Literacy- spelling, grammar and comprehension on LiteracyPlanet
French- read and translated 2 simple books
Latin- a 1:1 lesson where she covered a chapter and was positively commented on her pace and speed of learning.
Music- viola lesson
social- latin lesson, viola lesson
MCHS- build an upside house for the architecture week.

Maths- CMx4 including topic review (100%)
Literacy- Literacy Planet
Science- Adaptation of animals and plants
ICT- SketchUp
French- read and translated 2 books

A holiday in term time!

Last week, we took advantage of being able to take a holiday in ‘term time’, this is the first and last time we’ll be able to do this seeing as Tiger starts full time school in September.

We headed down to Dover, across the channel, through France, Belgium and most of Holland until we arrived at our holiday cottage for the week. We had an amazing swimming pool plus there were lots of activities on offer such as wall climbing, art club, indoor play, building etc. The kids could ride their bikes safely round the park, play in the numerous playgrounds and swim for hours.

My dad came for a visit and stayed 2 days, he was taken on the huge water slide many times by Ocelot!

We did a spot of geocaching, lots of playing, wall climbing and just generally relaxed. After 5 days though, it was apparent that Ocelot was suffering from ‘caged cheetah’ syndrome and started seeking out mental challenge. Next time, we’ll remember to take some brain activities for her.

All in all, an excellent holiday in a place that we would highly recommend to others.

20140701-023813 pm-52693846.jpg