A holiday in term time!

Last week, we took advantage of being able to take a holiday in ‘term time’, this is the first and last time we’ll be able to do this seeing as Tiger starts full time school in September.

We headed down to Dover, across the channel, through France, Belgium and most of Holland until we arrived at our holiday cottage for the week. We had an amazing swimming pool plus there were lots of activities on offer such as wall climbing, art club, indoor play, building etc. The kids could ride their bikes safely round the park, play in the numerous playgrounds and swim for hours.

My dad came for a visit and stayed 2 days, he was taken on the huge water slide many times by Ocelot!

We did a spot of geocaching, lots of playing, wall climbing and just generally relaxed. After 5 days though, it was apparent that Ocelot was suffering from ‘caged cheetah’ syndrome and started seeking out mental challenge. Next time, we’ll remember to take some brain activities for her.

All in all, an excellent holiday in a place that we would highly recommend to others.

20140701-023813 pm-52693846.jpg


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