Week beginning 1st July

Travelled back through Holland, Belgium and France.
Ocelot played a lot on LiteracyPlanet.

Maths- CMx3 (algebra, frequency table, negative numbers)
Literacy- Literacy Planet, extra in bed, reading in car
Science- Interdependence, finished rocks and minerals Lapbook,
Latin- chapter 7 of Minimus
Minecraft Homeschool- architecture
Social- skype with 2 friends
Music- viola practice
PE- swimming lesson

20140701-024312 pm-52992937.jpg

Maths- 3 x CM
Literacy- Spelling and grammar on LiteracyPlanet
Science- Interdepence, food webs, made a concoction from her chemistry book
Life- went to the supermarket with £5 to buy her ingredients for her concoction, paid for it herself, managed!
Art- 3D art using the concoction mixture
PE- Swimming lesson, park for an hour
Music- viola practice
Social- swimming lesson, answered the phone (a first)

Maths- 3x CM
Science- Classification and diagrams, started periodic table lapbook
Literacy- spelling, grammar and comprehension on LiteracyPlanet
French- read and translated 2 simple books
Latin- a 1:1 lesson where she covered a chapter and was positively commented on her pace and speed of learning.
Music- viola lesson
social- latin lesson, viola lesson
MCHS- build an upside house for the architecture week.

Maths- CMx4 including topic review (100%)
Literacy- Literacy Planet
Science- Adaptation of animals and plants
ICT- SketchUp
French- read and translated 2 books


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