Books Read

A list of books read by Ocelot

June 2014
Murderous Maths (lots) (gr 5.5-6.9)
Horrible Science (lots) (gr6)
Horrible Geography (lots) (gr5-6)
Basher Science books (lots)
Olga de Polga
Shadow of the Dragon bk 1- (gr4.7)

May 2014
Murderous Maths
The Hobbit
Basher periodic table
Jacqueline Wilson-paws and claws
Oksa Pollock
Meerkat Madness bk 2
Racoon Rampage bk 1 and 2
The Belgariad
Horrible Science- Moon, Planets, Sun
Horrible Science- Chemical Chaos
Murderous maths x3

April 2014 (from 14th April)
Eragon – Chris Paolini (5.6gr)
Eldest- Chris Paolini (7.0gr)
Dragons of Ordinary Farm (5.7g)
The Practical Astronomer
Latin Dictionary
Atticus Claw Goes Ashore- Jennifer Gray (4gr)
Atticus Claw breaks the law- Jennifer Gray (4gr)
Llama Drama
The First Battle (Warrior Cats) Erin Hunter (5g)
Ninja Kittens


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