Our Curriculum

These are some of the resources we plan to use:

Maths- Education City, to fill in any gaps in the Year 5/6/7 curriculum. We then plan to move onto ConquerMaths or Mathletics with Khan Acadeamy as backup teaching, plus practical maths.

Bond 11+ books- verbal, non-verbal and maths. This is just in case we decide to enter her for the local Grammar School.

Latin- Minimus. She has already started learning basic vocabulary, this gives a more structured approach.

French- Skoldo. This is a continuation of a scheme that she has used at school. She uses Duolingo daily as a supplement already.

Science- GCP Science book and workbook to fill in any gaps, plus Education City Science. Collins KS3 book if she fills any gaps in quickly. Possibly an online Biology Course for September. She is also signed up for FutureLean Chemistry.

English- Education City for grammar and spelling. Galore Park for writing, comprehension. I’m contemplating an online Literacy course for September.

History/Geography- Galore Park. Minecraft Homeschool is also running which covers history, we will extend that course.

ICT- Playing with Scratch, Python, Sketch Up, PowerPoint, WordProcessing

Music- weekly private viola lesson plus theory

PSHE- What to do when you worry too much…text book

Others- she loves her astronomy apps, her DragonBox Algebra

Art- to begin with, art kits, sewing, clay, mosaics etc.

Sport- Parkrun, club training, cycling club, extra biking, playparks, geocaching


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